Simple tweeting bot that updates twitter banner with your followers photos

October 10, 2022,
By Mackral
Super imposing a image with text and using that image as twitter tweet

Just while scrolling and surfing twitter I randomly came upon a collage of pictures shared which gave me an idea to create a banner of my followers. The idea was awesome but what about the implementation? Will twitter allow me to use the API? How much access does the Twitter API grant to a newbie? And most importantly are there any SDKs available for Twitter in PHP? YES PHP!! My love for PHP won’t end until the php versions are not stopped.

Getting started I focused mainly upon the desired API. Though it wasn’t an easy task in the super confusing world of larger APIs like Twitter. It needs a good amount of time to get friendly with the documentation and API before starting the actual scenarios in the playground.

After getting used to with the documentation and other API pages/endpoints most tough task is to create an app and submit it for verification. This step is important as the app is the middle-ware for your bot. All your communication goes through this app.